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KYVC Excellence Awards - How to Submit Your Proposal

A successful submission will depict an actual teaching/learning experience from a recent academic and/or fiscal years, including:

  • webpages that use coding for equitable accessibility as described in the "Kentucky Checklist" (a .pdf file you can download from the website of the Office of the Kentucky ADA Coordinator)
  • paraphrased or composite of student responses/interactions
  • a meta-narrative that
    • describes how the above depictions of the teaching/learning experience exemplifies as many of the 7 Principles as possible.
    • shows an effective balance between the technology used and the pedagogical principles incorporated in the online learning unit described, i.e., the quality of technological innovation should reflect the teaching/learning principl.e
    • includes description and evidence of (or plan for) assessment of the online learning experience submitted for review, e.g., pre- post-tests (scores), student feedback or Cross & Angelo Classroom Assessment Technique.
  • be placed in a secure, archived environment so to function as an ePortfolio for the Award Submission Review Committee to access this spring, and for future visitors to the KYVC website to be able to access for at least two (2) more years.

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