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Learning - Visual vs. Auditory Learners

Everyone learns in a different way, so the specific methods that an individual prefer to study can vary from person to person. The following test is a very basic analysis of what type of environment you prefer based upon your learning style: visual or auditory. The highly visual learner will enjoy the online environment; the highly auditory learner enjoyss the traditional classroom setting.

The results of this test will not indicate your ability to succeed in a certain environment. They only reflect the environment in which you are most comfortable.

  1. When I operate new equipment, I prefer
    to read instructions
    listen to an explanation of how it works
  2. When I need directions to a house, I prefer
    to ask someone for directions
    to look at a map or read directions from the Internet
  3. When I want to cook something new or different, I prefer
    to listen to a cooking program
    to follow a recipe printed in a magazine, on the internet, etc.
  4. When I need to teach someone something, I prefer
    to write down step-by-step instructions
    walk them through the process while I explain it
  5. When I need help, I say
    "Please tell me...."
    "Please show me...."
  6. When I explain something for others, I say
    "Watch me" or "Watch this"
    "Listen to me" or "Listen to this"
  7. When I have a complaint about a product or service, I prefer
    to call the company's customer service desk
    to write a letter or email to the company
  8. When it comes to buying Christmas gifts for people who are hard to buy for, I tend
    to buy a book, or a piece of art
    to buy a DVD, some music, or some other type of entertainment
  9. When I need information about an appliance I'd like to buy for my house, I prefer
    to discuss with friends or staff at the store
    to research reviews online
  10. When arguing with someone, I tend to reply
    I see you what you mean....
    I heard what you said....
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Your score is:

* This non-scientific quiz is provided for general guidance, and does not forecast your ability to succeed in an online learning environment.

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